About Us

«Kamchatka Comfort» - Kamchatka travel company.

The management and employees of our company has long attracted to tourism - travel around Kamchatka began during his school years. The geography of our tours of the Kuril Islands and Shumshu Paramushiro in the south of the lake and river Talovskoye Kuyul in the north of Kamchatka. Once upon a time we did not think that our hobby grow into a professional activity - experience many travels and knowledge of routes help us to create a comfortable, interesting and safe tours and excursions that we supplement the fascinating and informative stories, including those from his own experience - all the routes and tours that we offer have been passed by us many times.

On our site you will find only trustworthy information about routes and sights of our native land.

By choosing the name "Kamchatka Comfort", we have invested in this concept is the meaning of quality and reliability of our services.

We value our reputation, so never trade the quality of the profit and will not sell tours below cost!

We have a direct interest in the fact that you have recommended us and come to us again!

Our Team

Фото Рябинин Владимир

Ryabinin Vladimir

Team leader, Founder and Director

Vladimir has skied and guided longer than many other guide in Kamchatka. Guide with 17 years of experience in tourism. He is the participant of numerous winter hikes, backcountry tours, raftings. Having organized & led trekkings in Kamchatka. Certified hiking guide, certified sports tourism instructor trainers, the experienced backcountry skier, did first ski descent in Kamchatka.  Passed the avalanche courses, Rescue courses, first medical aid lessons. His guiding experience has stretched beyond  the peninsular - the Kuril Islands. His hobby – fishing.

«Mountaineering, trekking, hiking, ski touring, rafting … I have used all the resources available to explore Kamchatka. Currently, with the enthusiasm of being a guide, I share my passion with those whom I call “Clients” but after many years of common adventures have become my friends»

Фото Рябинина Ирина

Ryabinina Irina

English speaking Tour Guide

A certified guide. An experienced tour guide. Qualified cross-country skier. Hobby: cross-country skiing, trekking. Speaks English.

Фото Мальцев Алексей.

Maltsev Alexey


Certified guide. Certified sports tourism instructor trainers. Professional rescuer. Qualified mountaineering, ski-mountaineering, orienteering, sports tourism guide. The participants of numerous trekkings and winter hikes. The participant of the sky-running, ski tourism and orienteering competitions. Has passed the avalanche courses, Rescue courses, first medical aid lessons.

Фото Поддубная Светлана.

Poddubnaya Svetlana

English speaking Guide

Certified guide. Qualified ski instructor. The participants of many-days trekkings and winter hikes. The participant of orienteering  competitions. Hobby: sport touring, water sport, orienteering, cross-country skiing, and mountaineering.  Speaks English.

«I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with Kamchatka. I can't stop admiring its unique nature. Notwithstanding with long experience of guiding I haven’t lost the ability to discover new Kamchatka each travel!»

Фото Рыжков Виктор

Ryzhkov Victor

Guide. Custodian of traditions and cultural values.

Certified guide. Great expert of local culture and traditions. The participant of the archeological expedition along the western coast of Kamchatka in 2000. The participants of many-days trekkings and winter hikes. Speaks Itelmensky language.

Фото Корепина Любовь

Korepina Lyubov

Responsible for the soul and body harmony!

An amazing chef! Knows how to cook! She is chef and an animator rolled into one: feeds you hearty and cheers you up!

Фото Соколова Анна

Sokolova Anna

Interpreter. Tour Guide

Interpreter. English, Japanese, Italian speaking Tour Guide. Hobby: travel, drawing, studying foreign languages, psychology. Began her career in 2008.

«I happen to be born in the places of incredible natural beauty. It's impossible to visit this place and remain indifferent. I want to share my love of fire-breathing volcanoes, womanlike hills, rapid and clean rivers, boiling geysers and curative sources with all who wants to visit Kamchatka»