Фото Тихий океан в хорошую погоду.Фото Тихий океан в хорошую погоду.

A trip to the Pacific coast


Period: all year round.

Duration: 3:00.

Kind: easy walk.

Number of participants: 4 persons.

The cost is indicated per person

Transfer to a collection point groups and inversely charged separately.

For those who are still tired and just want to listen to the voice of the ocean, a trip to the beach Khalaktyrsky may be one of the most romantic of the full range of travel!

Smooth and gently sloping beach of the Pacific Ocean is covered with black sand. The nature of such an unusual landscape is volcanic.  Black, shimmering in the sun sand is volcanoes heritage - millions of years ago hot lava quenched with cold water and disintegrates into tiny black grains of sand. Therefore, the black beaches - a rare sight and delightful.

Береговая линия Халактырского пляжаМокрый песок на Халактырском пляжеПрогулки на лошадях вдоль берега Тихого океана

These 30 kilometers of black sand is also a popular place among the Kamchatka surferskitesurfers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are lucky, you can see  seals in the water.

Остров с птичьим базаром. Вид с берега Тихого океанаСёрферы На берегу Тихого океанаТихий океан, черный песок, отличное настроение!

The trip of your choice can be either the most informative and informational, and completely relaxation. Upon request, the tour can be further embellished by different "flavor" (at an additional cost). But the main essence of this tour is His Majesty the Оcean and the time spent there.