Группа туристов отправляется в путешествие по Долине Гейзеров.Группа туристов отправляется в путешествие по Долине Гейзеров.

Beauty Valley geysers and caldera Uzon 3d/2n

on request

For those who is looking for unusual places in the world and simple romantics.

3 days / 2 nights

Period: June 20 – October.

The date for the organized group more than four people: on request.

Kind: tracking of middle complexity, photo tour, observation the places of volcanism and wildlife.

Amount of people: not more than twelve people in a group.

Accommodation: four-seated houses and common guests room of the cordon. 


If you still believe that in the Valley of Geysers can fly only 2 hours of excursion, but would you like to spend in this unique place is not a few hours, a few days - we have for you a great offer!

For lovers of fun and easy hikes we offer a 3-day helicopter-hiking tour of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve with a visit to the legendary Valley of the Geysers, the caldera Uzon and observation of the life of Kamchatka brown bears in their natural habitat. Nature in this place is primeval.

It will not be easy trekking, but a whole photo expedition. Your expectations as a photographer and naturalist, will be quickly surpassed.

The beauty of the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon

3 days / 2 nights *

Period: June 20 - October.

Kind: tracking of middle complexity, photo tour, observation the places of volcanism and wildlife.

Amount of people: not more than twelve people in a group.

Accommodation: one night - tourist base «Gluhoi» in four-seated houses, the second night - the cordon «The Valley of geysers» in common guests room. You should have your own sleeping bag.

Nutrition: according to the programme, family-style.

Special diets can be catered with advance notice.


  • Not recommended for children under the age of 6.
  • Children under 12 years qualify for the child rate - 20%. 
  • The amount of places with reduced-price is not more than 30%.

Please note: prices are per person.

In the case of collective application we may organize a tour of any duration visiting Maly Semyachik VolcanoKronotskoye Lake, Death Valley, Graceful Fir Grove in Kronotsky Nature Biosphere Reserve (Kronotsky Reserve)

The duration of the tour may increase because of weather conditions. Every additional day on the reserve territory is paid obligatory in the sum 6675 rubles for one person.

For those who want to see some other interesting places of Kamchatka we offer additional excursions and travels.


Day 1. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky heliport - Uzon Volcano Caldera tourist base «Gluhoi»

  • Accommodation: four-seated houses.
  • Nutrition: lunch, dinner.

Our journey begins with enthralling flight on the helicopter. Flying above beauties of Kamchatka land we will fly around volcanoes. We make a landing in the fantastic place. We leave our belongings on the cordon and go on a tour. We go for a walk around thermal fields, numerous mud pots and thermal lakes. Here, we may observe different kinds of the young volcanism, products of glaciation, solfatara fields with deposits of brimstone and massif of hydrothermal rocks of different colors.

After the dinner we walk to the lake. It is a crater full of water, its diameter more than one km; it was formed in the result of big volcanic explosion. Than we are going to the tourist base «Gluhoi» - the place of our overnight stop. Here the dining room and tourist houses at our service.

Day 2. Tourist base «Gluhoi» - The Valley of Geysers

  • Accommodation: common guests room.
  • Nutrition: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The next day we are going to the Valley of geysers- the famous nature sightseeing of Russia. The length of the route is 11km, underway time 4-5 hours. We have dinner and take a rest on the «Sestryonka» River.

In the Valley of geysers we have a unique opportunity to admire boiling streams and geysers in immediate vicinity. We are separated from the big vitrage only by «Geyzernaya» river, i.e. not more than 10 meters.

Dinner at the cordon «The Valley of geysers». Then come bath and rest.

Day 3. Valley of Geysers - heliport -  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Transportation: helicopter, minibus.
  • Nutrition: breakfast, lunch.

Today we are the first visitors of the Valley. We see other amenities of this place: mud pots, mud volcanoes, and of course geysers on the background of emerald vegetation. Only bears can get ahead us.

Then dinner at the cordon.

The continuation of the day depends on the one day helicopter excursion to which we will join.

There is two options:

1. The trip to the Zhupanova river, where you may angle  fish or swim it thermal springs.

Zhupanova river – is a home for the freshwater char, east Siberian char and a place for the spawning of king salmon, red salmon, Siberian salmon, pink salmon and silver salmon. This place is a paradise for the fisher!

2. The trip to the Nalychevo valley and swimming in thermal springs.

The natural park Nalychevo is situated in the picturesque valley of the river of the same name. The territory of the park is one of the virgin nature reservations. Here we mat observe the variety of thermal and cold mineral springs: arsenous, boric, siliceous. Hydro geologists distinguish here 7 types of thermo mineral waters; some of them are unique in Russia.

Arrival at the heliport and transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Important information

It is up to us to choose the trip according to weather conditions, physical conditions of the group participants and other factors, or to change some details of the route. The decision belongs to the guide during the trip.

Our company is proud of nutrition organization on route; we exclude sublimates and half-finished products. Our cooks cook like at home.

If you suffer from allergy or restricted in some products- please, inform us in advance.

Going to Kamchatka do not forget that the weather here is very changeable and unpredictable. The next important moment is that there is no warm rain ever. So, we advise you to have clothes for all occasions.

The things which are necessary and obligatory on route:

  • backpack for 60-80 liters;
  • Headlight;
  • a rug for sitting;
  • firm boots with grooved sole;
  • gaiters;
  • sneakers or sandals;
  • waterproof jacket with hood and pants;
  • the set of warm clothes ( sweater, pants, socks, cap, gloves);
  • light sport clothes and hat;
  • swimsuit, sunglasses;
  • mosquito repellent;
  • sunburn cream;
  • individual medicines;
  • sleeping bag.

The cost of the tour includes:

  • transport rent;
  • rent of group equipment;
  • state inspector and guide service;
  • cook service, accommodation at the cordon;
  • nutrition according to the plan;
  • first-aid set;
  • necessary permission for the visiting especially reserved areas;
  • using of petrol generator at the cordon;
  • using the bathroom at the cordon.

The cost of the tour doesn’t include:

  • alcohol and tobacco;
  • personal hygiene means;
  • souvenirs’ purchase;
  • sleeping bag;
  • accident insurance;
  • individual transfer ( before and after beginning and the end of the tour);
  • individual medicals.