Фото вид с кратера вулкана Горелый на кратерное озеро.Фото вид с кратера вулкана Горелый на кратерное озеро.

Climbing to the active volcano Gorelaya Sopka


Period: mid-July – mid-September.

View: climb of medium difficulty.

Duration: 1 day.

Number of participants: 4 persons.

Meals: snack and lunch on route.

The cost is indicated per person

This is the place where it is so easy to hear the enthusiastic ice "As the moon!".

At a high Gorelinskom share , 900-1000 m above sea level, just 75 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, is one of the most interesting active volcanoes of Kamchatka - Volcano Burnt Ridge (Gorelaya Sopka). 

Volcano Burnt is a geological monument of nature. It is a ridged array area of 650 km2 and a height of 1829 meters, rising from the bottom of the volcano caldera ancient destroyed, whose base diameter of about 30 km. In the northern and southern parts of the caldera floor is flat, covered with sand, slag and fragments of lava. The greater part of it and the slopes of the central cones covered with lava flows, boulders and fragments of lava, forming alien landscapes. Unlike most Kamchatkan volcanoes Gorely represents volcanic complex construction, consisting of three cones 11 craters , and the slopes are covered with numerous lava flows. 

We invite you to climb to the volcano Gorelaya volcano, which is considered the easiest conquest of active volcanoes of Kamchatka, it takes about 3 hours and does not require any special physical preparation.

Long distance driving, we brighten stops for photo shoots, as to leave unnoticed Vilyuchinsky view of the volcano and waterfall, a spectacular panorama of the Kamchatka volcanoes bird's-eye view - it would be an unforgivable mistake!


  • The ascent is not recommended for people with heart disease, bad knees and poor health;
  • Weather conditions this tour can be replaced by a visit to the lava caves volcano burned and a dip in the wild hot springs;
  • This tour is from July to the end of September it can be combined in a two-day tour of Burnt and Mutnovsky

Important information

Going on a trip to Kamchatka, we should not forget that Kamchatka is - a place of contrasts weather - the weather can change several times a day. You can start climbing in shorts and a T-shirt, and there will be put on top of you all that is in your backpack or even more))) And you should always remember that there are no warm rain, even in summer, and the nights are always cool. Therefore, our friendly advice: in your backpack should be things to "all occasions"!

Necessary and obligatory personal gear on the route:

Backpack volume of 20-30 liters (with which you will walk on the route), "foam" for sitting on rocks, headlamp flashlight, sturdy shoes with corrugated soles and uppers, removable shoes (lightweight running shoes or sandals), waterproof hooded jacket and pants , a set of warm clothes (jacket, pants, socks, hats, gloves), light sports wear and lightweight hat, sunglasses, protection against blood-sucking insects, protection from the sun and burns, individual medicines.

Included in cost:

  • Transport services from a group of the collection site to the start of ascent and back;
  • wire services - the instructor, cook;
  • Rental trekking poles;
  • Meals according to the program.