Фото медведя на рыбалкеФото медведя на рыбалке

Helicopter excursion to the Kurile Lake – Khodutkinskiye hot springs


Period: second half of July – end of September.

View: Helicopter-light walking tour.

Duration: 6:00.

Number of participants: 18-23 person.

Staff: Tourist guide, cook.

The cost is indicated per person

Shuttle heliport and inversely charged separately.

Kuril Lake is one of the most picturesque places and rich biological resources of the peninsula. This is the heart of South Kamchatka Sanctuary!

Kuril Lake is the deepest freshwater reservoirs of Kamchatka. In it spawns Asia's largest herd of valuable species of Pacific salmon - sockeye . In addition, the reserve on the shores of the lake are concentrated in the largest Russian population of the brown bear (up to 1000 individuals!). 

Picture she-bear with her cubs.Picture bears fishing on Kuril lake.Picture bear viewing on Kuril lake.

Also you will visit the monuments of nature - Caldera Ksudach in which there are two lakes and Khodutkinskiye hot springs . The water in the springs has a hydro-chloride-sodium composition and has a tonic and restorative effect.

Picture bear and salmon.Picture Khodutkinskiye hot springs.Photo Ksudach volcano.

Note! Boating is not included in the cost.

This tour can be combined in a three-day photo tour Bears and salmon