Фото в кратере вулкана Мутновский, отдыхающие туристы.Фото в кратере вулкана Мутновский, отдыхающие туристы.

Journey into the crater of the active volcano Mutnovsky Sopka


Period: July – September

Kind: easy climbing

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: 4 persons

Meals: Lunch on the route

Take a unique trip  into the crater active volcano Mutnovsky volcano (Mutnovskiy)!

Many views can be found on postcards or souvenirs of Kamchatka, but unique volcano Mutnovsky - the most memorable. Its beauty is hard to compare anything. Most of the tourists are attracted by the incredible variety of colors - from black to turquoise and even acid-lemon. But many are rushing to Mutnovsky volcano, to get the exciting feeling of being inside an active volcano, where seething mud pots, hissing water, a puff of steam, smoke powerful fumaroles and everything is surrounded by ancient glaciers.

Exotic itinerary includes a trip to the high plateau, the descent to the caldera (sides and bottom of an ancient volcano, destroyed by the catastrophic eruption) volcano Burnt, tour the lava flows, walks along the "lunar and Martian" field (so characterize this place all who have been there ). Another attraction of the plateau of Mutnovsky - 53 meter high waterfall , falls from the lava ledge.

Landscapes are so far removed from the usual, that allow you to make "fantastic" pictures without decorations! Travelers are advised to stock up on appropriate footwear and suitable clothing and photo-video equipment, which allows to capture stunning moments amazing journey

Period: July - September.

Kind: easy climbing.

Duration: 1 day.

Number of participants: 4 persons.

Meals: Lunch on the route.

The cost is indicated per person


  • The ascent is not recommended for people with heart disease, patients with knee and poor health.
  • Weather conditions this tour can be replaced by a visit to the villa of hot springs, and a dip in the pool relaxing base;
  • This tour is from July to the end of September it can be combined in a two-day tour of Gorely and Mutnovsky

Important information

Going on a trip to Kamchatka, we should not forget that Kamchatka is - a place of contrasts weather - the weather can change several times a day. You can start climbing in shorts and a T-shirt, and there will be put on top of you all that is in your backpack or even more))) And you should always remember that there are no warm rain, even in summer, and the nights are always cool. Therefore, our friendly advice: in your backpack should be things to "all occasions"!

Necessary and obligatory personal gear on the route:

  • Backpack volume of 20-30 liters (with which you will walk on the route);
  • "Foam" to sit on the rocks;
  • sturdy shoes with corrugated soles and uppers;
  • removable shoes (lightweight running shoes or sandals);
  • waterproof hooded jacket and pants;
  • set of warm clothes (jacket, pants, socks, hats, gloves);
  • light sports wear and lightweight headgear;
  • Sunglasses;
  • means of protection against mosquitoes;
  • protection from sunlight and burns;
  • individual medicines.

Included in cost:

  • Transport services by groups gathering place to start walking back and forth;
  • wire services - the instructor, cook;
  • Rental trekking poles;
  • Meals according to the program.