Фото горы, вид с палубы прогулочного катера.Фото горы, вид с палубы прогулочного катера.

Kamchatka Adventure Ocean Expedition

on request

What can be more fascinating, more romantic and more cognitive?

Operating period: May – October 

Group size: 10 people

Price per person: on request

We offer individual walks, cruises and expeditions by yacht or cater, rented specially for you. The route and its duration you can do by yourself. The only thing we are to do is to make your dreams come true. The cost of the planned travel depends on yacht and caters rent cost and the voyage duration. You should mention the possibility of changing the day, time of sortie and the length of excursion because of weather conditions.

The subject routes, which can be interesting for you are represented below:

  • For those who want to make a reserve tour we propose to visit the unique area of the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve 

the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve 

Several routes are organized in the reserve. They will allow you to estimate the marvelous diversity of these islands fauna. These routes are to the Bering Island and Medny Island, and acquaintance with birds of Toporkov Island and Arij Kamen' Island. . Such specious variety of sea mammals like in the Commander Islands water area is unique in Russia: 21 specious of whales, all the 10 specious of North Pacific fin-footed carnivores, huge fur seals rookeries up to 200 thousands animal units, and it is also a place of sea loin breeding. 15 specious of mammals inhabited in the Komandorsky Reserve are included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. Bird’s rookery is one of the main sights of the Commander Islands. Here there are more than 150 specious and subspecies of birds.  There are two islands where birds have complete domination, this world belongs to them, the islands got their names according to the names of birds – they are Toporkov (tufted puffin) and Arij Kamen' Island. Also historical and archeological monuments of 18-19 centuries, including traces of Vitus Bering expedition are reserved here. Here you realize what the wild nature is!

Note! One day is not enough for observing the Reserve that is why we advise you to count on 2-3 days.

  • For those who are interested in military history

We offer visiting of north Kuril Islands (to make an expedition all along the places of military glory of the Soviet nation from Second World War times)  or of the Bechevinskaya bay (ghost-town, where up to 1996 182 brigade of diesel submarines was based). The lovers of the nature won’t be bored – sea animals, birds, beautiful landscapes and unforgettable fishing is an integral part of this voyage.