Фото скалы Три Брата на выходе из Авачинской губы.Фото скалы Три Брата на выходе из Авачинской губы.

Sea boat trip to Starichkov island


Period: June – October.

View: ocean walk.

Duration: 5-6 hours.

Meals: Lunch on the route.

The cost is indicated per person

Weather conditions out at sea may be delayed.

Transfer to the port and back to be paid separately.

Boat trips are always fascinating beautiful views, new sensations and impressions!

Walk on to. Old people remember you by picturesque covesgrottoesKekura, rocks " Three Brothers ", noisy bird colonies - sometimes seabirds nesting (puffins, old, Cormorants, Kittiwakes, murres, gulls), meeting with marine animals - Larga , Anthurium (sometimes you can see killer whales and sea lions ) and a visit to "stone zoo ", formed under the influence of the sun, wind and ocean surf, when rocks break down to form a bizarre forms of relief in the form of figures that resemble humans and animals.


The excitement of fishing and lunch of freshly caught fish you will please all walks participants. Another indisputable advantage of ocean walks in Kamchatka - a tasting of freshly caught seafood (sea urchin roe and crab), produced by the diver.