Фото чавыча - самый крупный вид лососевых.Фото чавыча - самый крупный вид лососевых.

Fishing Trips at Kamchatka


For true anglers!

Operating period: May throught October.

Duration: fishing trips by any length .

Number of participants: on request.

Price: on request.

If you happen to be in Kamchatka, the fishing experience there is undoubtedly addictive. Kamchatka is home to great variety of fish, ranging from salmon to trout, that guarantee you great fishing trip. 

What should you know about fishing in Kamchatka? There are more than 14000 rivers and streams and lakes rich with fish. The rivers of Kamchatka offer the best salmon fishing available all summer months long. 

Every month in Kamchatka Fishing Season offers different fishing trips!

King salmon (Chinook salmon) - May - June.

Red salmon (Sockeye salmon) - June - July. 

Dog salmon (Coho salmon) - July - August.

Pink salmon (Humpback salmon ) - July - August.

Silver Salmon (Chum salmon) - August - September.

Cherry salmon ( Masu salmon) - May - July.

Atlantic salmon (Kamchatka Steelhead) - May - June, September - November.

Rainbow trout - any month of the season, peak - September.

East Siberian char - July - September.

CharKamchatka grayling and pike - any month of the season. 

August and September - the peaks when the river is incredibly rich in fish, and you are guaranteed a great catch. Now all we need to do is to сast a line!

"Kamchatka Comfort" offers you a truly unique venue of fishing adventure