Фото поездка в горы на снегоходе.Фото поездка в горы на снегоходе.

Snowmobile tour to the Pacific coast and the Three Brothers rocks (in the sled)


Period: January – April.

Duration: 4:00.

Number of participants: from 2 persons.

The cost is indicated per person

In Kamchatka unusually developed recreation. We offer a variety of program stay on Kamchatka travel by snowmobile. Do not miss the opportunity to "touch" to the beauty of winter in Kamchatka, take a fascinating tour on a snowmobile in the sled. Snowmobile trips involve also memorable photo shoot.

Pacific Ocean is magnificent, no matter what time of the year, the power and greatness of which can not appreciate: the endless, noisy, rebellious, not subject to human will. The Three Brothers rocks are a symbol of Avacha Bay and a natural monument of regional significance.

Поездки на снегоходе на Камчатке среди каменных берёзНа берегу Тихого океана


  • Transfer to the place of grafting on a snowmobile;
  • A trip to the sled, with stops for photography;
  • Picnic on the shore of the Pacific Ocean;
  • Return.