Фото конус Авачинского вулкана, покрытый красным шлакомФото конус Авачинского вулкана, покрытый красным шлаком

Volcano Avachinskaya Sopka. Climbing for the hardy


Period : mid-July – mid-September.

View : difficult climb.

Duration : 1 day.

Number of participants : 4 persons.

Meals : packed lunch and dinner on the route.

The cost is indicated per person

Volcano avachinsky enjoys great popularity among local residents,  according to the number of ascents he has no equal!


1. First of all, accessibility. This volcano is located just 50 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The road runs along the bed of a dry river and takes less than 2 hours.

Русло Сухой реки, по которой можно добраться до Авачинского перевалаВид на сухую реку из окнаПо дороге на Авачинский вулкан

2. Gorgeous panoramic views throughout the ascent, from the top overlooking the north - Nalychevskaya valley Zhupanovsky volcanoes, Yuryev and Dzendzur; to the east - Kozelskiy volcano, the vast Pacific Ocean; to the south - the capital of our region on the shores of Avacha bay, volcanoes Vilyuchik, Mutnovsky volcano burned volcano and the volcano Opala; to the west - at a distance of "arm's length" and the majestic volcano Koryaksky, even from the top of Avacha volcano (2741m), this giant impresses with its size. Impressive?

Кратер Авачинского вулкана заполненный лавойВид на вулкан Корякский со склона Авачинского вулканаФумаролы на Авачинском вулкане

3. This is the only easily accessible highest volcano of Kamchatka suitable for sport climbing. On the slopes of the volcano in summer spend incredible contest skyrunning (skyrunning) and annual mass ascension, when thousands of people gather on the peninsula Avacha pass at the foot with only one desire - to conquer the "Avacha". What motivates them? Incredible magnetism of the volcano and the desire to see with their own eyes what words can not tell - lava-filled crater with a diameter of 350 m with a flow over the edge of frozen lava flow; feel complete relaxation and to bask in the warm the edges of the crater. Winter held no less spectacular competitions on ski tour (ski-tour) and even one of the stages of the World Cup.

Альпийские цветы у подножия Авачинского вулканаТропа на Авачинский вулкан

In fact, talk about the Avacha volcano can be endlessly - it is better to visit. But here's what you should definitely say:

1. The rise takes about 5-8 hours, depending on the physical training group and the weather, and it's not enough when you consider that the movement is always upward. Therefore, only those who show patience and endurance Avacha volcano subdued. But try your hand can each - to the level of 2000 meters you will have the possibility to leave the route and return to base camp, walk on the lava plateau conquer extrusion Camel and chat with the super squirrel animals.

Цветы на Авачинском перевалеКормление евражек

2. The most difficult part of the route - the cone of the volcano. It is covered with slag, which crumbles and makes it difficult to move in the end of the climb on the cone lowered a special rope, greatly facilitates the final meters of the ascent.

3. Descent from the volcano takes half the time. Now all the same slag repeatedly facilitates downward movement, remains just slide down the slope, sinking in the loose slag. Therefore, the shoes with high tops or leggings presence - a mandatory condition for the ascent, or you remember only as every 5 minutes, shook out shoes full of fine slag.


The ascent is not recommended for people with heart disease, bad knees and poor health.

This tour is from July to the end of September can be combined in a two-day tour  Ascent of Avacha volcano

Important information

Going on a trip to Kamchatka, we should not forget that Kamchatka is - a place of contrasts weather - the weather can change several times a day. You can start climbing in shorts and a T-shirt, and there will be put on top of you all that is in your backpack or even more))) And you should always remember that there are no warm rain, even in summer, and the nights are always cool. Therefore, our friendly advice: in your backpack should be things to "all occasions"!

Necessary and obligatory personal gear on the route:

Backpack volume of 20-30 liters (with which you will walk on the route);

"Foam" to sit on the rocks;

sturdy shoes with corrugated soles and uppers;

removable shoes (lightweight running shoes or sandals);

waterproof hooded jacket and pants;

set of warm clothes (jacket, pants, socks, hat, gloves);

light sports wear and lightweight headgear;


means of protection against mosquitoes;

protection from sunlight and burns;

individual medicines.

Коврик для сидения. Хобатреккинговая обувь и гамаши

Included in cost:

Transport services from a group of the collection site to the start of ascent and back;

wire services - the instructor, cook;

Rental trekking poles;

Meals according to the program.