Фото кормление забавных зверьков -евражек, обитатели камчатских гор.Фото кормление забавных зверьков -евражек, обитатели камчатских гор.

Walk at the foot of active volcanoes and the ascent to the extrusion Camel


Period : July – October.

View : walk and easy ascent.

Duration : 5 – 6 hours.

Number of participants : 4 persons.

Meals : Lunch on the route.

The cost is indicated per person

Extrusion Camel in Avacha group of volcanoes - this rocky massif, which has two sharp peaks, which gave it a name - Camel . Also, this hill is called the rock of the double-peaked . It is between the active volcanoes avachinsky and Koryaksky. An interesting fact is that so far it is not known the origin of the extrusion: whether it is a product of extrusive activity Koryak volcano, or the result of a strong eruption of Avacha volcano, the age determined in 5-15 thousand years

Дорога на Авачинский перевал Евражки совсем не боятся людей

From the top of the extrusion Nalychevo overlook the valley, Zhupanovsky volcanoes Vilyuchik, Mutnovsky volcano burned hill and, in good weather, a volcano Opala. On the "Camel" slopes inhabits a small colony of black-capped marmot (marmots). A pleasant surprise for you will be communicating with the squirrel (gopher Bering Sea) - a very small animal contact (awake from June to September!). These funny rodents are just waiting for the tourists to feed them with something tasty. But while squirrel begging you sweets, you can make a memorable photo with him!

Тропа на Верблюд в середине летаВот по такому языку снега поднимаются на Верблюд в начале летаКормление евражек - приятная составляющая прогулки по вулканическому плато

Attention! This tour can be combined in a two-day tour Climb to the Avacha volcano

Included in cost:

  • Transport services by groups gathering place to start walking back and forth;

  • wire services - the instructor, cook;

  • Rental trekking poles;

  • Meals according to the program.