Фото падающая вода Водопада ВилючинскийФото падающая вода Водопада Вилючинский

Walk to Vilyuchinsky waterfall and swimming in the Upper Paratunskiye sources


Period : June – October.

Kind : easy walk.

Duration : 7 to 8 hours.

Number of participants : 4 persons.

Meals : Lunch on the route.

The cost is indicated per person

One of the most visited and most beautiful waterfalls in Kamchatka - Vilyuchinsky waterfall!

It is located on an slope of eponymous  Vilyuchinsky volcano . Waterfall darts 60 feet high. The entire mass of water discharged waterfall represents meltwater glaciers and snow fields lying on its slopes. He did not open all the curious looks of the leaves under the snow, falling into a mysterious chasm. It is easily accessible to everyone.Much of the route passes through thickets of alder thickets, replaced by a stone in bulk and snowfields. The presence of snow even in late summer delights everyone without exception. Easy hike takes about 1.5 hours each way, and you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of the falling water.

Вилючинский вулкан - вид с дорогиЛюди у Вилючинского водопада

If you have more than once been in the pool with thermal water, offer to visit thermal wild  springs - to climb the slope of the Hot hill and swim in the small "stone bowls" created by thermal water falling from a low height. Just say to the sources of leads fairly steep climb, but refuse to visit this place is not worth it: in the first place, this is unusual, and secondly - a great opportunity to stretch tired muscles thoroughly under running source. Can swim in all seasons, water temperature varies from 36 to 45°C.

Вилючинский водопад падает в безднуВот так выглядят Верхнепаратунские горячие источники

Included in cost:

  • Transport services by groups gathering place to start walking back and forth;
  • wire services - the instructor, cook;
  • Rental trekking poles;
  • Meals according to the program.