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The project «I want to Kamchatka»

If Kamchatka is a dream that gives no rest to you for a long time, we can present a lot of cases to explore the sights of this astonishing place with your body and soul! Volcanoes, fumaroles, caves, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, geysers, the Pacific Ocean, salmon, crabs, sea delicious, thermal springs, killer whale, bear, ground squirrel, unearthly landscapes…

Don’t postpone the dream! Travel with us and you will look, will touch, will stroke, will smell, will walk, will fly, will swim, will take a picture and will see all Kamchatka. We prepared an attractive project for you "I WANT to Kamchatka! "

It is developed by the «Kamchatka Comfort» company for those who want to travel with party, when you are surrounded by friends, with whom you feel free! Travel of this kind is suitable for groups according to interests: photographs, sportsmen, corporate clients and others. The main thing that unites all of them is a common interest and a wish to rest with comfort.

Within the framework of the project


  • Design your own tour
  • Travel on comfort transport
  • Spend evenings among friends
  • Don’t depend on combined groups


  • Help you to choose an individual program taking into account the peculiarities of your group
  • Give you recommendations and useful advises
  • Provide security and informational support during your travel
  • Offer an alternative of a frustrated one day excursion
  • Station you in a comfortable guest house

For your accommodation we created TOURS SHOP, which allow you to design exclusive travels. It means that you just choose excursions and tours from the offered by us or any others according to your wish and send to us. From our side we design the route of your journey subject to economy of your time and means.